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International Technical Seminar of I.P.W.E (India) on
22nd and 23rd Feb 2019 at Hyderabad


1.  Challenges in Introducing Speeds of  160 kmph for passenger trains and 100 kmph for high axle load freight trains on IR

2.  Innovation  and Technologies for Fast Paced Construction


International Technical Seminar under the aegis of the Institution of Permanent Way Engineers (India) will be held on 22nd and 23rd Feb 2019 at Hyderabad.  The Seminar will be organised by Chairman, South Central Railway center of IPWE (I) and Principal Chief Engineer, South Central  Railway, Secunderbad  on the topic mentioned above.            

Indian Railways is witnessing a massive up gradation and expansion of its infrastructure for higher speeds and increased axle loads. One of the ways to increase the throughput of the system is to increase the average speeds of the moving stock. The objective of this seminar, inter alia, is to discuss the following aspects.

a)      Vehicle dynamics and Track degradation

b)      Rail and wheel profiles, rail wheel interaction, contact stress and friction management  

c)       Derailment mechanism, effect of track and vehicle parameters 

d)      Effect of Track and Vehicle tolerances on Track maintainability  

e)      Rolling stock clearance- Standard practice and Importance  

f)       Track and vehicle maintenance practices and effect on safety


The second topic of the seminar will discuss the improvements  for fast paced construction.


2.   Venue:   Hyderabad International Convention Centre,
                  Novotel & HICC Complex (Near Hitec City), Hyderabad 500081

      Date:       22nd and 23rd Feb 201

3. Technical Exhibition:

        A technical exhibition will  be organised along with the above Seminar which  will exhibit various developments/innovations made in track and bridge technology  and new products and processes connected with developments of Railway in India and abroad.


 In addition to others, Infrastructure firms, consulting firms,  big builders and developers who are likely to have stakes in the Railway projects, may take part in the Seminar as delegates, put up the technical stall  in the exhibition and  send papers for presentation in the Seminar.


4. Technical Papers

i)       Zonal Railways are requested to get adequate number of high quality Technical papers on the subject.  The papers should be thought provoking and should generally be supported by extensive field data.   


ii)        Unlike earlier years when a number of papers  were included in each technical session, it has now been decided that each technical session may comprise of  less number of papers so as to give ample time for the author to explain his paper to the audience.    


iii)       Members desiring to present their papers, should send their papers to Director, Indian Railway Institute of Civil Engineering (IRICEN), Rail Path, Pune-411001 by 31st Dec  2018 along with a copy of abstract (about 200 words). Soft copy of the paper may also be mailed at  director@iricen.gov.in , ipwescr@gmail.com with a copy to edipwerb@gmail.com. The authors of the papers selected for presentation will be intimated well before the Seminar.


iv)      Director, IRICEN, Pune will assess these papers and then forward these to the Principal Chief Engineer, SC Railway for printing.  The technical papers are to be printed in advance so that these can be circulated to various delegates in time for more fruitful technical discussions at the time of Seminar.


v)       One session has been kept exclusively for presentation by the Trade, Industry, Exhibitors and so on.  These organizations will send their request for presentation to the concerned Principal Chief Engineer/ Principal Chief Engineer South Central Railway and Director IRICEN Pune. The organisation whose presentation is accepted will be advised well in advance so that they can keep in readiness for the presentation.


 vi)      All the articles written by non-Railway organisations and authors including those from outside India, are to be sent directly to Director, Indian Railways Institute of Civil Engineering, Railpath, Pune-411001 (India) by 31st Dec 2018 with a soft copy as mentioned above.


5.  Delegates

i)        From the Civil Engineering side each Zonal Centre is requested to nominate 8  delegates from Open Line and  8 delegates from Construction Organisation. The delegates should preferably be from all ranks of Civil Engineering Department including at least 4  delegates from the rank of Senior Section Engineers  and AENs.


ii)        It should be ensured that members working in general posts such as DRMs and those on deputation to other Departments are given suitable representation.


iii)      Public Sector Undertakings under the Ministry Of Railways are requested to nominate 5   delegates from each PSU. RDSO and Production Units  may please nominate 10 and 2  delegates respectively.


iv)       Members/DGs/Additional Members/Principal EDs of Railway Board, General Managers, Director General/RDSO, Director General/Railway Staff College, all members of Governing Council of Institution of Permanent Way Engineers (India), Chief Administrative Officers (Construction), Chief Track Engineers, Chief Bridge Engineers, Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety, Commissioners of Railway Safety and Managing Directors of all Public Sector Undertakings under the Ministry of Railways will be special invitee-cum-delegates for the Seminar and they should not be included in delegates as per paras above.  Senior Retired Officers, who had held the position of GM and above and all the past EDs/IPWE would also be treated as special invitees-cum-delegates and no delegate fee would be payable by them.


v)        3 representatives from each Corporate Member and 2 from Associate Corporate Member would also be special invitees-cum-delegates and would not be required to pay any delegate fee.


vi)       Other than the above delegates and invitees identified at para 5(iv) and para 5(v) above other members and non-members who wish to participate in the Seminar will be required to pay the following fees:-


Individual Members comprising of Associate Life Member, Life Member & Life Fellow -  for retired category only

Rs. 500.00 + 18% GST per delegate, Total Rs 590.00


Delegate from Railways, Firms & Institutions

Rs.4000.00 per day  per delegate i.e. Rs.8,000 for two days plus GST@ 18% i.e.Rs.1440/-, Total Rs. 9440


Foreign Delegates

Total of US $ 200.00 per delegate for 2 days  or equivalent


Technical Exhibition – This includes provision of a stall of size 3mx3m with electricity connection, a table and two chairs which will be provided by IPWE without any extra charge.

Rent Rs.70,000/- plus 18% i.e. Rs. 12,600/- as GST


vii)  Details of delegates along with fee must reach Principal Chief  Engineer/ SC Railway Secunderbad,  by 31 Dec 2018, so as to make stay and transport arrangements.  Registration form is  attached as  annexure ‘B’.




6. Sponsorship,  Souvenir & Advertisements

i)            Seminar co- sponsor                                    Rs 5,00,000 (Rs Five Lakh Only)

This will enable the organisation to send five delegates free to the seminar.

ii)            Seminar Associate Sponsor                       Rs 3,00,000 (Rs Three Lakh Only)

This option will enable the organisation to send three delegates free to the seminar.


iii)                 A Souvenir will be published and released at the time of the Seminar, which will bring out messages from VVIPs, list of sponsors, information about the Institution of Permanent Way Engineers (India) and the Seminar and advertisements.  The charges for the advertisement are as follows:

            1. Back Cover Page and inside page of back

                & front Cover page and all coloured pages      -   Rs.50,000.00 

2.   Full page                                                               -   Rs.30,000.00

3.   Half page                                                              -   Rs. 20,000.00

            4.   Quarter page                                                       -   Rs. 10,000.00

iv)      All advertisement matter along with Advertisement charges cited above should  be sent to Principal Chief Engineer, SC Railway, Rail Nilayam, Secunderabad 500 071. All remittances should be made by Demand Draft payable to IPWE (India) under advise to PCE SC Railway. The email IDs are ipwescr@gmail.com, dycetmscr@gmail.com


v)       The amount can also be remitted directly to the following bank account under intimation to PCE/SC  Railway.


Name of Bank

Syndicate Bank, Rail Nilayam, Secunderabad


Account No.



IFS Code No.



Name of Account

The Institute Of Permanent Way Engg



 7.   Annual General Body Meeting:

 It is proposed to hold Annual General Body meeting of IPWE on 22nd  Feb 2019 as per the programme enclosed.  Wide publicity of this may be given to all the Members of the Institution including the retired railway officials, who are residing in the jurisdiction of Zonal Railway by the respective Zonal Centers.


.        As the Seminar is being conducted at Secunderbad, all the technical papers and list of delegates along with delegation fee as applicable and other relevant information should be sent to Chairman IPWE(I) SC Railway Centre and Principal Chief Engineer, South Central Railway, Rail Nilayam,  Secunderabad,  who will be requested to make all arrangements for the Seminar.     The  email IDs are ipwescr@gmail.com, cetmscr@gmail.com



           ( Sudhir Mital)

                                                 Executive Director/IPWE

                                                                                                                                                E-mail: edipwerb@gmail.com





Annexure A





Venue: Hyderabad International Convention Centre, Novotel & HICC Complex
              (Near Hitec City), Hyderabad 500081

Date:  22nd  and 23rd  Feb 2019


Topic of Seminar

1.  Challenges in Introducing Speeds of  160 kmph for passenger trains and 100 kmph for high axle load freight trains on IR

2.  Innovation  and Technologies for Fast Paced Construction



                Date :  22nd February  2019

(Time in hrs )

1. Inauguration of Technical Exhibition 09:00
2. Registration of delegates  8:30  to 9:30
3. Inaugural session 9:30 to 10:30
4. Tea                                                                                10:30 to 11.00
5. Technical Session I 11.00 to 13.30
6. Lunch                                                                             13.30 to 14.30
7. Technical Session II 14.30 to 16:30
8. Tea 16.30 to 16.45
9. Annual General Meeting 16.45 to 18.00
10. Cultural Programme followed by Dinner 19.00


                                                  Date :  23rd  February   2019

1. Technical Session  III 9:30 to 11.30
2. Tea 11.30 to 11.45
3. Technical Session IV  (Papers  by Industry) 11:45 to 13.45
4. Lunch 13.45 to 14.30
5. Session V  (Miscellaneous Papers by members) 14.30 to 16.30
6. Tea 16.30 to 16.45 
7. Valedictory Session  16.45 to 18.00


Annexure B

Institution of Permanent Way Engineers (India)

Under the auspices of Ministry of Railways, India


Registration of Delegates

Registration Open from 1st Nov 2018  to 30th Dec 2018


1.  Challenges in Introducing Speeds of  160 kmph for passenger trains and
100 kmph for high axle load freight trains on IR

2.  Innovation  and Technologies for Fast Paced Construction



Name of organization







E-mail address, phone for communication




Name of Delegates



E-mail/    Mobile






















Delegation Fee                                         




Demand Draft No. and date:

Drawn on (Name of Bank and Branch)



Bank remittance details


There is no delegate fees for three delegates from Corporate Members and two delegates from Associate Corporate members

* * *